From January to August this year, Borgward’s net profit loss was approximately 1,649 billion yuan, the equity transferee was required to repay 4,271 billion arrears for Borgward.

Recently, Ericsson and T-Mobile signed a multi-year contract worth $3.5 billion to support T-Mobile's nationwide deployment of 5G networks. Under the agreement, Ericsson will provide T-Mobile with the latest 5G NR hardware and software compliant with the 3GPP standard.

The layout of the new energy vehicles of Baoneng Group began to expand into the field of power batteries. On November 19th, Shenzhen Hongpeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Recently, Wuxi Best Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Wuxi Best”) announced that the company intends to invest in the automobile precision parts project (Phase I) with a self-funded investment of not more than 300 million yuan.

Tan xuguang put forward higher requirements for shaanxi auto's development next year, that is, sales volume in 2019 should be guaranteed to reach 190,000 vehicles and sprint towards the target of 200,000 vehicles.

In the next five years, that is, by 2023, during the new party appointment period, the group company achieved sales of more than 5,9 million vehicles, operating income of more than 900 billion yuan

From the disclosure of the contract to the formal shareholding, Evergrande Group's shareholding in Guanghui Group lasted less than three months, and completed 14.5 billion yuan transaction, ranking second largest shareholder.

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