Group Culture

Our Dream

Jointly build world-class Chinese enterprises to promote better economic and social development and progress.

Our Philosophy

Seeking truth and pragmatism, pursuing excellence, and commitment to common success.

Our Value

Fairness and fairness, integrity and respect, and win-win responsibility.

Our Guiding Ideology

Scientific development and win-win cooperation.





Our Mission

Leading manufacturing innovation and upgrading, and promoting better economic development.

Our Strategy

Gather world-class resources and develop world-class enterprises.

Our Business Policy

Customer first, intelligent leadership for the future, and striving for the foundation.

Our Team

Full of passion, full of motivation, intelligent composite, world-class.




Our Business

The entire industrial chain, high-end equipment, industrial products, high-end intelligent manufacturingGreen environmental protection, new energy vehicles, new materials, investment and financing, etc.

Our Customers

Leading in the industry, first-class in high-end, striving for the world, and aspiring to the upstream;Automobile industry, equipment manufacturing, precision machinery, high-end manufacturing, etc.

Our Brand

Promise to peers and lead the future with wisdom! Industry upgrade partners, focus on your success!  Jin promises to bring world-class partners and resources to create a world-class beautiful future with you!

Our Goal

Positioning itself as a "high-end intelligent manufacturing comprehensive service provider and efficient organizer of industrial value";
With a number of listed companies with a market value of over 10 billion yuan, it is a comprehensive international first-class group company and has completed the Golden Commitment Building.

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