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Marketing Engineer

Job requirements include
1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanics, numerical control, mechatronics, mould, etc.
2. Age is 24-28 years old, more than two years working experience, CNC machine tools and other related machinery and equipment technology or marketing experience is preferred.
3. The appearance image is good, the study ability is strong, the strong sense of responsibility, the enterprise spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work.
4.Good communication skills and service awareness, committed to the development of marketing business.
5.Clear thinking, good affinity, enthusiasm and initiative to work, able to bear the pressure of work.
(Job location: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc.)

Tool sales Manager

Job requirementsinclude
1. 25-36 years old, bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanics, numerical control or mould.
2. More than 6 years working experience in marketing, at least 3 years working experience in tool marketing.
3. Communication ability, comprehension, learning ability and contingency ability are good and have a strong sense of responsibility.
4. Has the work experience with the team, has the very strong management ability and the market development ability.
5. Familiar with computer and office automation, can adapt to travel, have a good team spirit.
6. Clear thinking, good affinity, enthusiasm and initiative to work, able to bear the pressure of work.
(job location: Shenzhen)

Oil Marketing engineer

Job requirements include
1. College degree or above, majored in chemical or mechanical engineering is preferred.
2.25-35 years old, has three years of oil, cutting tools or industrial consumables sales experience or a well-known enterprise (automotive, 3C, mold or machining) experience.
3.Has the strong organization ability, the excellent communication coordination ability.
4.Hardworking and willing to work hard, positive efforts, good personal image, clear development plan, strong enterprising spirit and compression ability.
5. Familiar with the manufacturing process, have factory work experience.
6.Hve lubricating oil, metal stamping industry and other related work experience is preferred.
(job location: Shenzhen)
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