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Lightweight new materials

Lightweight new materials

Shenzhen GENERAL New Materials Co., Ltd. was formally established in December 2016 with the approval of Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, which was invested RMB 30 million by GENERAL Investment Group Co., Ltd.


GENERAL New Materials Co., Ltd. was established to deal with the rapid development of new materials and energy in the world. It is committed to the research and development and application of new materials and energy. At present, the new graphite material carbon fibers, also known as carbon fibers (CF), are mainly developed in the world. It is known as "black gold" in the world. It is called "the third generation material" in the world after stone tools and iron and steel. Composite materials made of carbon fibers have the characteristics of strong tensile flexible materials, high temperature and pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance and strong strain resistance. Microcrystalline graphite graphite material is an important strategic material for the development of national defense industry and national economy.


Shenzhen GENERAL New Materials Co., Ltd. mainly deals with T700, T300 high-end carbon fiber composite agent, secondary development of carbon fiber materials, development of TPU carbon fiber cloth and sheet, TPU carbon fiber cloth and sheet production equipment, thermoplasticity process, equipment, molds, development of thermoplasticity and thermosetting products and application fields. The company planned to build a production line for 80 million square meters of thermoplastic CF preprepreg and 30 tons of carbon fiber composite products per year. New or leased preprepreg workshop production lines and 30 tons of carbon fiber composite products workshop, R&D and new product exhibition center, office buildings, warehouses, staff dormitories, canteens, etc. The advanced international production technology and the introduction of world-class advanced equipment are adopted to produce the leading carbon fiber composite products with interface, permeability and thermoplasticity at home and abroad. The preprepregs processed and produced can be widely used in the fields of defense industry, civil aviation aircraft, automobiles, light textile chemical industry, wind power components manufacturing, medical equipment, energy, electronic products, sports and leisure equipment, and the manufacture of conductive and thermal conductive materials.


GENERAL New Materials Co., Ltd. currently has PC, TPU carbon fiber glue machine, hot pressing and forming equipment, UD carbon fiber braiding machine and other high-tech equipment to stabilize product quality. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, contribute to the development of new high-tech materials, strive to create higher values and interests for customers, achieve win-win situation between customers and companies, and work hand in hand towards a better tomorrow. We will follow the "green, safe and efficient development model" to build a new high-end technology energy industry chain, and strive to become a leader in the high-end technology energy field.