Wuxi Best plans to invest 300 million yuan to build auto parts projects


2022-12-13 09:03

Recently, Wuxi Best Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Wuxi Best”) announced that the company intends to invest in the automobile precision parts project (Phase I) with a self-funded investment of not more than 300 million yuan. The project mainly produces car turbocharger core components and new energy automotive aluminum alloy structural parts.

It is understood that the construction site of Best Auto Parts Project is located in the land of Hudai Town, Binhu District, Wuxi , which was purchased by the company in March 2018 through bidding and auction. The main construction contents of the project are integrated workshops, production lines, machinery and equipment, etc., and the production of automotive turbocharger core components and new energy vehicles aluminum alloy structural parts. At present, the project has been prepared for the preliminary construction.

Wuxi Best said that the company invested in the construction of automotive precision parts projects (Phase I), mainly focusing on the expansion of production, technology upgrades and new areas of the main business, and strive to enlarge and strengthen existing businesses. The layout of new energy vehicle business areas, in order to continuously improve the technical level of the industry, closely follow market demand, and achieve industrial extension and upgrading, this move is in line with the company's strategic development layout and long-term development goals, and has positive significance for improving the company's overall competitiveness.

According to the information, Wuxi Best was established in May 1997 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Its main business is research and development, production and sales of various precision parts and fixtures. The company's main products are turbocharger precision bearing parts, turbocharger impeller, turbocharger intermediate casing, engine block and other key automotive parts, aircraft components such as seat components and used in automobiles, rail transit, etc. Tooling in the field.

Wuxi Best utilizes the technological advantages formed in the field of precision parts processing and the flexible processing capability of automated production lines to supply precision parts for high-end manufacturing fields such as pneumatic tools and refrigeration compressors. At the same time, the company's fixtures business has been extended to the field of automated production lines in the automotive, aircraft and other fields.

In addition, Wuxi Best established a die-casting workshop in 2003, introduced several horizontal cold chamber die-casting machines, and has three-coordinate measuring machine, Spectro spectrum analyzer and other perfect testing methods, and invested in the development and research of aluminum alloy die-casting parts. Mainly used in the automotive, communications, tools and other industries, and the company's machining business to form a complete industrial chain.


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