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Ericsson and T-Mobile sign a $3.5 billion 5G agreement

Ericsson and T-Mobile sign a $3.5 billion 5G agreement

Recently, Ericsson and T-Mobile signed a multi-year contract worth $3.5 billion to support T-Mobile's nationwide deployment of 5G networks. Under the agreement, Ericsson will provide T-Mobile with the latest 5G NR hardware and software compliant with the 3GPP standard.

T-Mobile will leverage Ericsson's market-leading 5G product portfolio to expand existing LTE capacity requirements and upgrade the nationwide LTE Advanced network to 5G to ensure that the network will stand the test in the future.

The contract also includes Ericsson's digital services solutions, such as Dynamic Coordination, Business Support System (BSS) and Ericsson Cloud Core Network, which will help T-Mobile quickly provide customers with an innovative 5G experience.

Neville Ray, T-Mobile's chief technology officer, said that we are investing in 5G with practical actions. The new agreement with Ericsson will lay a good foundation for T-Mobile's 5G development. At the same time, we will work with Sprint that would add a strong momentum to the 5G revolution.

Niklas Heuveldop, President of Ericsson's North American Markets Division said that we have decided to increase our investment in the US, strengthen Ericsson's partnership with our customers, and better support them by accelerating 5G deployment, bringing 5G to consumers and businesses across the United States Life. The signing of the agreement is an important milestone for both companies. We are very excited to work with T-Mobile to help them strengthen, expand and accelerate the deployment of national 5G networks.

The combination of LTE and new wireless access technologies can help 5G achieve extremely high data rates, ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability, high energy efficiency and extremely high device density.

Under the new agreement, Ericsson will provide hardware and software through its 5G platform, including the enhanced Ericsson wireless system portfolio, covering all bands suitable for T-Mobile. In addition, T-Mobile's existing Ericsson wireless system base station can run 5G NR technology by simply installing related software remotely.

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