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Evergrande's 7.8 billion capital increase in place officially became the "two homes" of Guanghui Group

Evergrande's 7.8 billion capital increase in place officially became the "two homes" of Guanghui Group

  From the disclosure of the contract to the formal shareholding, Evergrande Group's shareholding in Guanghui Group lasted less than three months, and completed 14.5 billion yuan transaction, ranking second largest shareholder. On the evening of November 6th, the company's listed companies, Guanghui Energy, Guanghui Auto and Guanghui Logistics, announced the latest progress.

  As the controlling shareholder of the listed company, on September 21st, Guanghui Group and the actual controller Sun Guangxin and Evergrande signed "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" and "Investment Agreement". The two sides will strengthen the alliance in energy, automobile, logistics, real estate, etc. Establishing all-round strategic cooperation in the four major fields, Evergrande has the right to provide the necessary resources for the further development of Guanghui Group. Guanghui Group promises that once Evergrande Group exercises the right to equity investment, Guanghui Group shall prompt its original shareholders to cooperate with Evergrande Group to complete equity investment.

  According to the agreement, the total investment amount of the transaction was 14,49 billion yuan, of which the consideration for equity transfer was 6.68 billion yuan, and the amount of capital increased was 7,81 billion yuan. Recently, the listed company received a notice from Guanghui Group. Evergrande Group has transferred two additional capital grants of RMB 7,807,767 million to the designated bank account of Guanghui Group on November 5th and 6th, respectively.

  At present, the transaction process has been completed. Evergrande Group holds a total of 40.9640% of the shares of Guanghui Group and is the second largest shareholder of Guanghui Group.

  At that time, Guanghui Auto, Guanghui Logistics and Guanghui Energy all expressed their enthusiasm for the shareholding of Evergrande Group in the announcement, indicating that the cooperation between Guanghui Group and Evergrande Group will have a long-term positive impact on the company's operating performance and social benefits. In line with the company's future development strategy and the interests of all shareholders. The signing of relevant agreements does not change the status of the controlling shareholder of Guanghui Group, the actual controller has not changed, and the financial assets such as total assets, net assets, operating income and net profit of the company in 2018 does not constitute a major impact.

  After the announcement of the matter, Guanghui Energy, Guanghui Auto and Guanghui Logistics also continued to rise until the first ten days of October. Guanghui Baoxin, a Hongkong stock company of Guanghui Auto, surged 16.32% on September 24th.

  With the shareholding of Evergrande Group, the personnel aspect has also begun to adjust and change. Guanghui Logistics disclosed that it will hire Lv Peimei as the deputy general manager of the company. The latter is currently a director of Guanghui Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., and served as the executive deputy general manager of the property management center of Evergrande Real Estate Group.

  According to projections, Sun Guangxin holds Guanghui Group diluted to 49.32%, and the shareholding ratio of other shareholders has decreased to 9.72%. Guanghui Group's current business covers energy development, automotive services, modern logistics and home ownership services. Its business scope covers many countries across the country and the world. It ranks 456th among Fortune Global 500 companies. Guanghui Energy, Guanghui Auto, Guanghui Logistics, Guanghui Baoxin 4 listed companies and Guanghui Real Estate (unlisted). Last year, Guanghui Group's total assets were 245,7 billion yuan, with an operating income of 176,44 billion yuan and a profit of 3,943 billion yuan.

  For Evergrande Group, the current settlement of the shares of Guanghui Group is expected to become the breakthrough after the FF investment storm.

  In June of this year, Evergrande invested in Faraday Future, officially opened the car, and signed a gambling agreement with the original shareholders of FF. If FF could not deliver the first batch of electric car mass production in the first quarter of 2019, Jia Yueting would lose the company control. The two sides tore up the contract in October due to management rights and other issues, and resorted to the court.