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The Stanford Innovation Camp of the Senior participating countries of GENERAL Group has completed its training successfully.

The Stanford Innovation Camp of the Senior participating countries of GENERAL Group has completed its training successfully.

  In order to train a new management team and promote the continuous development of enterprises, from August to November, GENERAL Group had organized three training sessions for senior management personnel in Beijing and Shenzhen to attend the first Innovation Camp organized by the Stanford Project of Guoyan and the "Source Innovation" Studio. Known as the "father of dynamic management", Stanford University lifelong professor Xie Desun as lecturer, guide people to deep the source of innovation thinking, comb the core issues within the enterprise, and then accelerate the enterprise innovation practice.

In order to train a new management

  Professor Xie is now recognized as the most advanced expert in the field of "innovation strategy theory and innovative business model leading to new market". He has been a consultant to many large companies such as General Motors, IBM, Venture Group, Changying Group, TCL and so on, helping Chinese enterprises to plan and formulate innovative business ecosystem and dynamic strategy for a long time. 

  The Innovation Battalion consists of three stages of mentoring. Under the guidance of mentors, master the concept and case of business model, look for the new market space with high opportunity and low risk, and exchange and discuss the key issues of individuation. Guide enterprises according to the characteristics of the industry, macro environment and their own core resources and capabilities, design innovative business models and entry points to implement programs to promote the rapid transformation of enterprises in 90 days.

  Stage one: completely upend the business model and let the wool out of the dog. 

  From 8th to 9th August, senior officials of GENERAL Group participated in the first phase of the training of the Innovation Camp. Professor Xie brought in a course on the theme of business model innovation, in which he explained the theory and practice of "source innovation" to attract the students to praise again and again! 

Professor Xie guided business managers to transform their innovative thinking patterns through“burning wool on dogs”, grassroots economy, “flowers” and “cow dung” and many other “burning brains” topics. The construction method of the business model, the establishment of a two-sided market business model of the company, and finding the entry point, while determining the initial implementation plan of the three-month transition, entered the market "trial and error."

  The second stage: enterprise transformation period, source innovation can be done! 

  From 2nd to 3rd September, the second phase of the innovation camp of Guoyan Stanford Joint Source Innovation Studio was held in Jiuhua Villa, Beijing. Different from the first stage, the senior management of this group basically grasped the theoretical basis of source innovation. In two days, Professor Xie led the executive team of enterprises to brainstorm and try and make mistakes from the actual situation of the project. In practice, we should strengthen the understanding of source innovation thinking, use tools to carve out the canvas of the two-sided market model of source innovation constructed by enterprises, and comb the core issues within enterprises. 

  In two days, Professor Xie and GENERAL Group's senior leaders to communicate and guide for many times, constantly adjusting the source of innovative thinking of each operator. From theory to practice, every enterprise has made a substantial leap forward in the innovation of business model construction.

  The third stage: source innovation practice and sustainable development. 

  From 4th to 6th November, the third phase of the Stanford Innovation Camp was held in Shenzhen. Professor Xie led the executive team to build a business model of enterprise innovation, improve the two-sided market model, determine the next practical entry point, formulate a milestone plan for the next stage, accelerate the innovation practice of enterprises.

In order to train a new management

  After the training, Professor Xie Desun of Stanford University and his entourage, Director Wang Lifeng of the Stanford Project Office of the National Institute of Research and his party, and the chairman of Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group, Xu Haizhao, visited the Shenzhen headquarters of GENERAL Group to visit and guide them. Source innovation strategy of the Field Fellowship GENERAL Group. 

  At the same time, Guoyan Stanford Project Office and "Source Innovation" Studio organized some students to visit Tencent to exchange internal innovation management, zero-distance experience of the respected Internet company's innovation genes. 

  Senior managers are the core human capital and strategic resources of enterprises, but also the backbone of the development of enterprises. This centralized training of senior management is a solid step forward in the construction of the Tiger Wolf Legion of "Golden promise" strivers , guided by advanced management concepts, and triggered by changes in the mental model of the high and middle levels, to stimulate the sense of innovation and enhance the level of management. It will also play a positive role in improving the management level of enterprises and promoting the implementation of GENERAL Group's development strategy plan.