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GENERALG 's 2017 trip to Outer Lingding Island successfully concluded. 

GENERALG 's 2017 trip to Outer Lingding Island successfully concluded. 

In order to enhance the cohesion of the staff and the ability of communication and cooperation among the staff of various departments, enrich the collective life, let colleagues relax in the busy work, and face the work and life with a fuller spirit and a more positive attitude. From 29th to 30th July , the company in the semi-annual meeting during the elaborate organization of a two-day trip to Outer Lingding Island, the company staff and family a total of more than 70 people participated in the tourism activities.

GENERALG  2017 trip to Outer Lingding Island successfully concluded. 

On the morning of 29th July , with great excitement, everyone set foot on a cruise ship from Shekou Port to Outer Lingding Island, watching the tall buildings behind them go all the way away, and the noise of the city also disappeared from their ears. The boundless sea made everyone happy. After more than an hour's journey, a beautiful island just liked a paradise appeared in front of us, and everyone could not help cheering. 

Set foot on the island, everyone immediately enjoyed a seafood meal, taste the island's unique "Lingding three treasures"-general hat, dog claw snails, sea urchins. 

Outer Lingding Island on the Qifeng stand, "Lingding eight scenery" can be called the masterpiece of nature, national hero Wen Tianxiang of the ancient sentence, but also inlaid in the mouth of the Everest and the South Pacific junction of the pearl shining. After checking in, we do not fear the sun, brave to climb the island's main peak-Lingding peak, enjoy the peak in the peak of the "Wanshan Islands the first natural stone park" the reputation of the stone park. 

Outer Lingding Island in the scattered Wanshan archipelago unique style, the island is small and beautiful, the mountain is not high and steep show, especially the water clear stone for people to praise. Two days of travel activities, everyone together enjoyed climbing, swimming, barbecue, singing, dinner, games, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, enjoyed the food, relieved fatigue. After having a good time, deeply felt the warmth from the company's extended family.