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Ansy Asia Pacific industrial cloud solutions include general machinery industry, electronic components industry, aerospace industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, energy industry, medical industry and other solutions, simulation tools include structure field, fluid field, electromagnetic field, optimization and other fields of general and special tools.Flexibility to customize simulation tool solutions according to customer or project requirements.

The mold customization package includes Moldflow Moldflow simulation software package, hardware resources including huawei desktop cloud, computing server, license manager, etc.

Introduction to Moldflow software
Moldflow simulation software has injection molding simulation tools, which can help you verify and optimize the plastic parts, injection mold and injection molding process.The software can provide guidance for designers, mold makers and engineers to demonstrate how changes in wall thickness, gate location, material and geometry affect manufacturability through simulation Settings and results.From thin-walled parts to thick-walled, rugged parts, Autodesk Moldflow's geometric support helps users experiment with assumptions before making final design decisions.
Program design and value
• 60% of the global top 500 manufacturing companies are moldflow users;The product field involves automobile, 3C consumer electronic products, medical instruments and so on, and the enterprise user group is huge;

• under the traditional mode, moldflow software can only be rented offline annually, and each customer can use it independently. The software price is relatively high;The characteristics of enterprise research and development determine that the moldflow software of each enterprise cannot run at full load for 7X24 hours.When enterprise products are in different research and development cycles, software resources are often idle.
• huawei, ansy Asia Pacific and autotec China build joint solutions based on the common needs of Chinese mold and mold enterprises. Through the mode of sharing resource pool, the legitimate simulation application can be solved and the application cost can be greatly reduced.Huawei public cloud provides one-stop solutions, including pre-processing, computing queuing and post-processing, all of which are completed in the cloud. Customers can pack and download the results according to their actual needs.
• cloud simulation scheme is based on huawei cloud high specification information security protection mechanism, so as to isolate user data and ensure data security
The specification


Billing way

Service price

Injection molding simulation tool - guangdong shangyun upper platform

According to the years

¥ 100000.00 /year



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