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Manufacturing execution system

  Cross-industry manufacturing execution system MPDV provides a modular architecture MES HYDRA with a wide range of functions and meets all requirements specified in the VDI 5600 standard (based on IEC 62264 and ANSI/ isa-95).You can optionally combine a single HYDRA application based on a central MES database without the need for an interface.HYDRA provides a 360-degree view of all resources in production and can merge overlapping processes.Powerful configuration and customization tools ensure that HYDRA is tuned to meet the special requirements of your enterprise and industry.HYDRA can be integrated into an enterprise's existing IT environment to achieve control transparency from management (such as ERP systems) to the production floor.Production enterprises using MES systems such as HYDRA can quickly respond to production problems so as to be competitive in the age of industry 4.0.

Manufacturing execution system

MES HYDRA highlights

  Our MES HYDRA system has received several awards to support users worldwide to produce more efficiently.

  • all horizontal integration production database in the middle of the application
  • a wide range of configuration options
  • precision data security solutions and powerful backup mechanism
  • support 24 x 7 uninterrupted operation
  • system monitoring in large quantities
  • rationality examination data items online
  • IT component failures during the ability to work offline
  • across all MES application of integrated alarm escalation management based on workflow
  • support multiple client/system operation
  • multistage, role-based permission management
  • Unicode and multi-language support different language versions
  • cloud application ability

  HYDRA for all company sizes

  More than 40 years of MES industry experience shows that there are significant differences in the demand of manufacturing enterprises.In order to meet different requirements, the MPDV modular MES product can be configured as an end-to-end solution according to actual needs without the need for interface configuration and the product can be upgraded step by step.

  MES systems HYDRA takes into account the following needs of medium-sized enterprises and multinational groups:

  • extensibility
  • flexibility
  • modular
  • profitability
  • practicability

  HYDRA can be successfully implemented and can be customized or extended at any time.Users can decide how much they want to invest and what support they want from MPDV.


  Function introduction:

Shopfloor Scheduling: it is a production workshop Scheduling based on a series of priority policies. It helps production planners to determine the Scheduling schedule and optimize the resource utilization.

Material Manager: is an isa-95-compliant MES component that manages Material /BOM master data, batches, vehicles, edge areas and other information. Product Definition Manager: is an isa-95 compliant MES component that manages Product production process information.

Production Order Manager: an isa-95-compliant MES component that manages the full life cycle of a Production Order. Device Manager: manage production equipment, tooling, tools and spare parts.

Quality Manager: Quality system management, planning, execution and analysis Human Resource Manager: an isa-95-compliant MES component that manages production Human resources. Factory Calendar: manage Calendar and shift information that can be Shared in other components (e.g. SS\POM\HRM\DM, etc.).

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