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Mazak Liaoning factory "Wisdom leads the future" intelligent exhibition grand opening

Mazak Liaoning factory "Wisdom leads the future" intelligent exhibition grand opening

  On 23th May, the factory exhibition with the theme of "Wisdom leads the future" opened in Yamazaki Mazak Machine tool (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning Factory"). From home and abroad new and old users and industry media 530 people gathered together to charm the city of Dalian, jointly opened the Liaoning factory comprehensive exhibition event. As an important partner of Mazak, GENERALG organized more than 50 important customers and sales representatives to participate in the exhibition.


  In order to show Chinese customers once again the wonderful contents of the Beijing exhibition, Mazak meticulously held this retrospective exhibition at the Liaoning factory, to those customers who failed to attend or did not participate in the exhibition. In depth and fully show the products and technologies of Mazak and the specific support system, the Mazak production plant itself is the largest exhibition hall that embodies the advanced production concept of Mazak.

  The main exhibition area basically reappeared the CIMT 2017 Beijing exhibition grand occasion, the Beijing exhibition star exhibits all appearance, in addition to the import machine and the domestic machine, the Japanese head office develops the Smooth fluency technology, the production support software SPS, the iSMART Factory and so on advanced technology also to be displayed. It is especially worth noting that the latest imported QT, QTC series of new products have all achieved mass production and sales, and the bulk export to the European market, further expanding the influence of overseas markets. At the same time, MT400 L vertical lathe and OPN3015F L optical fiber laser cutting machine introduced by Liaoning factory also have wonderful cutting display.

  The exhibition also focused on various forms of automation units consisting of CNC vertical cars, turning centers, horizontal machining centers and joint robots, truss manipulators, and automatic pallet exchange systems. Demonstrated the strength of Mazak China plant in technological innovation and providing customers with overall solutions.


  Except all kinds of new and sharp aircraft displays, Mazak has also elaborate prepared a technical lecture on "New Technologies, New changes and New opportunities," explaining in detail his import, domestic and laser products, as well as the introduction of turnkey and automation programs. For manufacturing customers to build a machine tool technology innovation and application of the exchange platform.

  Yamazaki Matzak Machine tool (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian Jinpu New District. It was built and put into production in 2013. It is the second production plant in China and the tenth in the world. Liaoning factory has been committed to provide the global manufacturing industry with professional intelligent equipment, optimized processing solutions and efficient technical support. Through the use of Mazak's excellent production equipment, manufacturing technology and information system, the machining process is highly automatic, flexible, less human, and the manufacturing and management process is highly networked, information and visualization. The material flow and information flow from receiving orders to product delivery can be completed quickly and accurately. The manufacturing process, cost management and logistics management are put into one, and the efficient intelligent and unmanned production is realized. Has become the CNC lathe, compound turning center and laser processing machine and other advanced CNC machine production base.

  During the exhibition, Chairman Ye Mingwu, Vice President Shimizu and Vice President Shan Yaodong visited GENERALG's important customers: new Northeast Electric Group High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. Actively provide customers with intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions.