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Chairman of GENERAL Group Ye Mingwu invited to seminar on key materials development strategy for traffic lightweight

Chairman of GENERAL Group Ye Mingwu invited to seminar on key materials development strategy for traffic lightweight

  On the afternoon of 18th May, the seminar on the development strategy of key materials for traffic lightweight was held in Changzhou. The chairman of GENERAL Group Ye Mingwu was invited to attend the seminar.

On the afternoon of 18th May

  The conference was jointly sponsored by the China Materials Research Society, Changzhou National High-tech Zone Management Committee and Changzhou Science and Technology Association.By Changzhou Xinbei science and technology association, Tsinghua university cross-straits development institute Changzhou branch, Nanjing glass fiber research and design institute co., Ltd. And Changzhou Hongfa new material science and technology co., Ltd. At the meeting, Zhao Qian, Dean of Nanjing Glass Fiber Research and Design Institute, Zeng Xiaoqin, Professor, Shanghai Traffic University, Duan Yuexin, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chairman of Zhejiang Xinzhou Eurya, respectively, on glass fiber composites, aluminum magnesium alloy materials, carbon fiber. The application and prospect of composite materials and bamboo winding materials in the field of transportation would be presented. Then, Chairman of China Liangchun Group, Chairman of GENERAL Group, Ye Mingwu, Chairman of Changzhou Hongfa Hongfa New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager of Kunlun, Changzhou Houxiao Hengyuan New material Technology Co., Ltd. Representatives of Wei Hongliang and other entrepreneurs held warm discussions and exchanged with experts on the development of key materials for traffic lightening and the application of key materials in the industry.

The new material industry is one of the key strategic emerging industries in Changzhou National High-tech Zone, which has formed a good industrial base and market space. Especially in carbon fiber, high-performance composites, light metal materials and other light-weight key materials, the technical level and comprehensive strength in the forefront of the country. Hongfazongheng, Houxiaoengyuan and other outstanding enterprises in the area are renowned in the domestic and even global composite materials and lightweight industry. In October 2016, Hongfazongheng joined the Changzhou Branch of the Cross-Strait Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University to introduce advanced technical equipment from Germany, IMA and other domestic and foreign institutions. The establishment of Qinghua Cross-Strait Hospital (Changzhou) Traffic and Transportation equipment lightweight Engineering and Technology Research Center has laid a good foundation for the high-tech zone to cultivate and develop the traffic lightweight advantage industry cluster.