GENERALG's 2017 Work Summary and 2018 Annual Work Plan Conference Successfully


2022-12-13 09:03

  From 2nd to 8th February , 2017, the annual work summary and 2018 work plan meeting of GENERALG was held in Shenzhen headquarters Conference Room and Qingqing World. More than 70 employees from offices across the country and Shenzhen headquarters attended the meeting. At the meeting, Ye Mingwu, the Chairman reviewed and summarized the 2017 company development, around 2018 company development goals, key issues and work ideas were discussed and combed, for a decisive new year of marketing work precision deployment.

GENERALG 2017 Work Summary and 2018 Annual Work Plan Conference Successfully

  Mr Ye pointed out at the meeting: 2018 is the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress, is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China's economic development has entered a new era, GENERAL Group has entered a new era. In 2018, annuity promises to take "innovation and synergy, build an ecological platform together" as the annual work theme, "overall quality and efficiency, management upgrading" as the annual main line of work, "full staff marketing, full precision farming, comprehensive service, comprehensive innovation" as the focus of the annual work, "time is not waiting for each other, fighting hard, doing everything" as the annual work requirements, Comprehensively promote the implementation of GENERALG + industry innovation value chain ecosphere platform strategy, further integration of internal and external resources, constantly improve customer satisfaction and core competitiveness. 

  In 2018, GENERAL Group welcomed the 20th anniversary of entrepreneurship, the Group will comprehensively sum up 20 years of development process and experience, and make a comprehensive development plan for the next 20 to 30 years. Combining the strategic plan of GENERALG for future development with the national development blueprint plan determined by 19th CPC National Congress, in order to "intelligently lead the new era, win the new future, march towards the new journey, realize the new wonderful;" New enabling, towards the first "as the development theme goal, with" return to the same mentality, a new start, dream of a new future "as the overall keynote, comprehensively promote the second start and reform and upgrading work. 

  At the meeting, the heads of regional marketing headquarters of the company signed the sales performance responsibility statement for the year 2018, and commended the outstanding employees and unit areas in 2017.

GENERALG 2017 Work Summary and 2018 Annual Work Plan Conference Successfully

  After the meeting, in order to promote employees' in-depth understanding of the products and technologies of various partners, The company specially invited the cooperation partners’ experts of Siemens company, Oracle company, Xie Hong robot, micro Ming intelligent technology and Mazak company experts to carry on the training for the entire staff.

  Happiness comes from striving. Mr Ye asked all staff to work hard in 2018, strive to continue the wonderful chapter of GENERAL Group, and strive to realize the dream of common development, common struggle, common prosperity and common success at an early date!


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