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GENERALG and strategic partners Badminton Tournament successfully closed

GENERALG and strategic partners Badminton Tournament successfully closed

  To enhance strong friendship between GENERALG with strategic partners and to enhance interaction between companies and strategic partners, on 29th December , 2017, "the new era of wisdom collar, the new future of win-win", sponsored by GENERALG and strategic partners badminton tournament in Shenzhen Nanshan Yilida feather stadium ceremoniously held. Nearly 30 contestants from GENERALG, Matzak, Sandvik Coleman, Wanwei cutting tools and Oracle took part in the competition.

GENERALG and strategic partners Badminton Tournament successfully closed

  This competition was different from the past. All partners and staff of GENERALG to form a team by drawing lots. The team would arrange the team to participate in singles or doubles on their own. Fully demonstrated GENERALG to cooperate with each partner "one family, one family" strong atmosphere and team spirit. 

  In the competition, the contestants were all full of energy and tenacious struggle, and had a strong sense of team cooperation. They displayed incisively and vividly all kinds of ball skills such as high distance ball, smash, chop, and hanging ball. They used all kinds of tactics flexibly, and the scene was extremely tense and intense. To make the game so exciting.

  After four fierce competitions, Zhang Zhaojing, Wei Liang and Yao Jianping from Mazak Company won the championship. Zhang Jianhua from Wanwei Cutters, Zeng Ke from Shandvik Coromant won runner-up for Zhou Yun Group, while Shan Guihua from Sandvik Coromant, Sun Tao from Mazak and Zhang Min from GENERALG won third place. 

  This competition has produced the level, style and friendship. Over the years, GENERALG has been committed to the joint construction of GENERALG value chain close strategic win-win partnership. In 2018, GENERALG would like to cooperate with partners sincerely, mutual benefit and win-win, together with a new era of wisdom, win-win new future.