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GENERALG's participation in a new visit to Yinbaoshanxin was a complete success

GENERALG's participation in a new visit to Yinbaoshanxin was a complete success

  In order to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, learn from and learn from the good experience and good practices of the member enterprises of ONE GOLD CLUB. On 8th September , GENERALG would act as the executive chairman of the fund. Carefully organized and participated in ONE GOLD CLUB member enterprises and special guests to Shenzhen Yinbaoshanxin Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yinbaoshanxin") to visit the inspection activities.

GENERALG participation in a new visit to Yinbaoshanxin was a complete success

  On the afternoon of 8th September , more than 30 members and guests came to the new headquarters of Yinbaoshanxin and received a warm reception from the Vice President of Huangshan Directors.

  First of all, Chairman Ye Mingwu and his entourage, together with ONE GOLD CLUB members and invited guests, visited Yinbaoshanxin's new precision mould electrode automatic measuring line, advanced manufacturing technology research institute, mould automatic processing line, etc. We have seen the advanced technology of Yinbaoshanxin in 3D, material increasing, mould processing, and gained a lot of benefits.

GENERALG participation in a new visit to Yinbaoshanxin was a complete success  GENERALG participation in a new visit to Yinbaoshanxin was a complete success

  After the visit, ONE GOLD CLUB members and special guests participated in the free exchange in the new conference room in Yinbaoshanxin. President Yu Jin concluded: "each company has its own bright spot, there is the place to learn." First of all, thanks to Yinbaoshanxin for opportunities to visit the inspection, ONE GOLD CLUB members enterprise is not an opponent but an ally, should be unreserved, honest cooperation, learn from each other. "

  He Shao, chairman of Guangdong Zhaoqing Power Metal Co., Ltd., praised the activities of ONE GOLD CLUB association, saying that the fund must participate in its activities, which promoted learning and mutual promotion among enterprises. At the same time, he also pointed out the plight of intelligent manufacturing development in China-the lack of intelligent manufacturing personnel. Chairman He Shao said he had heard a lot of expert speeches at the global innovators' conference, and he hoped that the platform would invite industry elites to join and help member companies develop intelligent manufacturing talents.

  Ye Mingwu, executive chairman, said that ONE GOLD CLUB organizational structure set up a think tank module, the follow-up will invite the industry elite to join, to promote the training and promotion of mid-level managers in member enterprises.

  Although it has been less than 100 days since its establishment on 22th July , 2017, under the careful planning of Executive Chairman Ye Mingwu, the first issue of "ONE GOLD CLUB" was successfully launched at a reception dinner organized by Yinbaoshanxin Company. We have built a service, learning and communication platform for the next member enterprise. President Yu Jin signed at the scene and gave the first issue of "ONE GOLD CLUB" to all participating member enterprises.

GENERALG participation in a new visit to Yinbaoshanxin was a complete success

  In order to continue the hosting mechanism of the activities, at the dinner party, it was confirmed that the next event would be undertaken by Chongqing Yujiang Die casting Co., Ltd. Chairman of Zhou Daoxue invited next month to visit Chongqing Yujiang die-casting Co., Ltd. The scene, ONE GOLD CLUB president Yu Jin and Huang shan, vice president of new directors of Yinbaoshanxin, the organizer of the current event, and the chairman of the board of directors of GENERAL group, Ye Mingwu, and the chairman of Zhou Daoxue, the next organizer of the event, Chongqing Yujiang Die casting co., Ltd.Take a photo and present the first issue of "ONE GOLD CLUB".

  Shenzhen Yinbaoshanxin Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to become an integrated manufacturing service provider of global excellent mould and structural parts for many years. The company focuses on the development and manufacture of large precision molds and the production of precision structural parts; with exquisite mould manufacturing technology, internationalized project management system, rigorous process quality management, and efficient global service network, To provide the overall manufacturing equipment program for the international brand customers in the automotive and communications field; And through the integration of creative product design and close to the customers' manufacturing base to provide customers with precision structural design, manufacturing and delivery of in-situ integrated manufacturing solutions.

  The company has 7 manufacturing bases in the three major economic circles in northern China, and has engineering development and technical service plants in 16 countries and regions on 5 continents worldwide. A perfect manufacturing service platform with international competitiveness based on the manufacture in China-global delivery has been built. The company adheres to the deep ploughing mould industry, actively promotes the internationalization of business, devotes itself to making a steady and lasting contribution to the national strategy of going out of the high-end manufacturing industry.