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Group Culture

Our dream
To build world-class Chinese companies and promote better economic and social development and progress.


Our philosophy
Seeking truth and being pragmatic, pursuing excellence, commitment is gold, and common success.


Our value
Fair and just, Integrity initiative,Responsibility and win-win.


Our guiding ideology
Scientific development, win-win cooperation.


Our mission
Leading the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to promote better economic development.



Our strategy
Gather world-class resources and develop world-class enterprises.



Our operating principle
Customer first, future-minded future and striver-oriented.


Our team
Energetic, full of passion, smart compound, world class.


Our business
The entire industry chain, high-end equipment, industrial products, high-end intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, new materials and so on.

Our customers
Industry-leading, high-end first-class, world of war, aiming at the upper reaches;

Automotive industry, equipment manufacturing, precision machinery, intelligent terminals, etc.

Our brand
Commitment to the future of peers and smarts! Industrial upgrading partners, focusing on your success!

GENERALG bring world-class partners and resources to create a world-class future together with you.


Our goal
Positioned in "The New Era of wisdom leads a New future High-end Intelligent Integrated service provider, industry value efficient organizer"; Have a number of listed companies with a production value of more than 10 billion yuan of comprehensive international first-class group companies and the completion of GENERALG Building.